Concerns during App transfer to another account

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I have two business running in my main account in Bubble. Both Apps in Starter plan.

As I can’t have one payment method for each one of them, I have to pay for the second App using the credit card of my first business. What sucks. In order to organize our finance operation I decided that is time to transfer my second App to another account, where I will be able to insert another payment method.

The issue is that I can’t transfer my App to another account.
Only if this App is on Free plan or in Growth (or above).

I contact support and they suggest me to downgrade my App to the Free plan, transfer it to another account and then upgrade it again.

Anyone already performed this kind of operation?

Downgrade → Transfer → Upgrade.

My understanding about Bubble says that everything should be fine except during the downgrade period, where my App will certainly stop working (due to my paid plugins, APIs calls and etc…). But I can be very fast in this operation (5 min max). And I expect that everything will be working again as soon as I upgrade the App to Starter plan in this other account.

So… Anyone can see where I may have any other problems during this operation!?
I don’t want to f*** things up here…

Anyway… Bubble shoud think in other ways to do it…
Or allow us to insert different payment methods for each App…

Good luck @rpetribu. I learn new limitations of Bubble everyday in the forum :slight_smile: Keep us updated.

I don’t know if I have courage to to it :rofl:…

It is safer to upgrade to Growth, transfer and downgrade it to Starter again… But sucks to be forced to pay 5 times the price I am paying for an operation that will last 5 minutes… Very annoying…

Interesting thread! Please do let us know if you found a workaround @rpetribu

The safest and most cost efficient way I could think of is to:

  1. Downgrade during the time where your app has the lowest usage e.g. midnight
  2. Force your users to stop using the app by redirecting them to a maintenance page and revert it after you transferred the app

EDIT: You could also post an announcement or show a notification to your users to notify them that the app will be down for x minutes on y date - further lowering the amount of users during your downgrade

Thanks @ntabs !

This is not a problem at all. I already have a built in function that logs all my users out and prevent them to login again during certain period. Exactly to be able to perform quick fixes…

My fear is regarding my paid plugins and backend workflows. They are not allowed in the Free plan. So what is going to do if I downgrade? They will be deleted or simply stop working? I don’t know. This information is not clear to me and Bubble’s support seems to don’t know much about Bubble.

They sould have a better way to perform this operation:

  1. Today’s ownder select a new owner;
  2. New ownser receive a notification telling him that he will need to be responsible for the next payments of the app;
  3. New ownder insert a payment metodh and aprove the transfer;
  4. The App is transfer to it’s new owner;

Seems SUPER simple to me :neutral_face:

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Before transferring the data make sure that creating backup of your data. You can export your app data by using the Bubble built in data export feature.

Guys, just to let you all informed and registered here in the forum for future searches…

I finally get a better response from Bubble’s Suport.

Hi there, keeping in touch. My name is Vanessa. When your app is downgraded to the Free plan, the paid features are not deleted or altered, but rather disabled for the amount of time that the downgrade lasts. When you reupgrade, these features are intact and enabled. This includes custom domains, files, app data, perpetual license plugins, etc. The one caveat is if you have monthly subscriptions to plugins, they will need to be resubscribed to upon reupgrade.

So this is the answer. :point_up: