Condition next workday - change color

Hi all,

In my “thing” i have stored a date. I want to change the color of that date in my repeating group if that date is the next working day (mo-fri). How can i build that condition?

Thanks for the help!


There are a few different ways depending on what you need. This would work for if you simply want to know if it is any other day:

Current Date and Time :rounded down to day - Thing’s Date: rounded Down to day :format as hours > 24

If you want a different color for every day of the week. Then just simply create conditionals for each day and use:

Thing’s Date: extract day is 1 (Monday)
Thing’s Date: extract day is 2 (Tuesday)
Thing’s Date: extract day is 3(Wednesday)
Thing’s Date: extract day is 4 (Thursday)
Thing’s Date: extract day is 5 (Friday)

If this is the case you could create an option set called Days and give them a field called number and assign the correct number and a field called color and assign each day of the week a different color like #C7C7C7. Then you could just add a dynamic value in the color field on the element that would be:

Get an Option: Days: All Days: filtered: This Day’s number is Parent Group Thing’s Date extract day

Thanks for your reply! That is not exactly what I want. Example:
Stored in the database the date 07/15/2022 (friday)
Today is 07/14/2022 (tuesday)

So the next working day is tomorrow so every date in the database with date 07/15/2022 I want to give a red color. But on the fridays it the dates in the database that are on a monday need to be red.

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