How can each user have their individual profile page

I am making a marketplace app where there will be two types of users. I need help understanding how each individual user can have their own profile page, and only they can edit the content on their page. HIGHLY appreciate any help

The first thing you probably want to look at is Privacy Rules for your user table.

create a new blank page called profile
make it type user

on the main page have e.g. a repeating group of all posts.
each post has a text and the creator of the post

now when you click the creator text you go to the new page profile, sending as data , current cells post creator.

that way each creator has their own page which is accessed when users want to access it

to only make the right person edit that page add conditionals on profile page
when current page user = current user then show the “edit info” button

i recommend the entire series here


Thank you so much. By the way, how would I edit this based on user type?