Considering moving from production to professional plan

Dear Bubblers:

I have an app that has a little over 100 subscribers. We are gaining about three subscribers per day. The app is educational and has text and a couple hundred videos as content. The videos are hosted on vimeo. We are adding videos perpetually. The only data I am storing is the user’s email (and password, but not in the database of course). I am the only developer of the App. I am currently on the production plan, but wondering if I could cut costs and go down to the professional plan. Would this slow down my App? It’s lightning fast now. I don’t want to jeopardize the user’s experience.

Any input? Thank you!

I think that you should consider moving to Pro plan and if needed, buy more capacity.
Check this page

You will lost some stuff but if this doesn’t affect you (like logs and storage), I think you should move to Pro plan.

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Thank you! That’s kinda what I was thinking too.

Is there anyway to tell if my app will have a drop in performance before I pull the trigger?

Not really, But the main difference is the capacity. And if you move to pro, you switch from 10 to 3… but can raise up to 10 again if needed.

There’s only a way to test if you add more capacity (boost) but not opposite.

Thank you. And even if I were to go back up to 10 on Pro, it would be cheaper!

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What do your logs say about how much capacity you are using?

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Great question. Wasn’t checking this. Since my app has been released, it says my average cpu usage against available capacity is 0%. I’m in the thousands on pageviews.