Feedback Professional tier

Hello guys,

I have a app in other no code plataform but with serious laggy and speed issues.

I have 1000+ Montly Users

In peak times 80 people at the same time.

The server capavity of the professional tier in Bubble will be able to smooth this up?

Any example of apps with 1000+ MAU?

Best to you all

Hey @afonsomiguel1990,

Welcome to the Bubble community! My typical recommendation for people not sure about what plan they need to be on for their app is just to start off with the Personal Plan, then if you see some lag or need more capacity scale and upgrade.

I can’t really tell based on the number of monthly users and concurrent users because database structure is a big factor which isn’t specified in your thread.

Hope this helps! :blush:

Yes, its a big data base, 50k lines in some collections. I will do that thanks.