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[Consistency fix] Element isn't pressed actually working

Hi all, we wanted to let you know that we are pushing a tiny change that fixes the behavior for “Element isn’t pressed” which had been broken for the past few years - and did the opposite of what it said.

This was never directly reported to us, so we believe that this was used very little in the first place, and therefore we are taking the liberty to fix it to actually match what it says it should do without making it a breaking change.

If your app was relying on “Element isn’t pressed” to do anything, and you want to preserve that behavior, please change that to “Element is pressed”, because that is the logic that used to be applied.

If you had already noticed that “Element isn’t pressed” didn’t work, and were relying on “Element is pressed is false” as a workaround, you don’t need to change anything, but you may now use that slightly simpler expression again.



Would this be a conditional that would be met if the User had pressed the element and then upon release of the element would be met?

For example, user presses the button and then upon release we maybe change the button text to say thank you for pressing the button.

Or would it be more like anytime the element is not being pressed it is met?

For example, the page is loaded and the user is not pressing the button the button would be considered not pressed so maybe we add an arrow pointing to the button that says ‘press this button’.

A bit confused on possible use cases of the ‘element isn’t pressed’.

I agree it is not often used and while this change doesn’t affect me but it might catch some off guard.

Especially for changes to these small conditions that go either way, a lot of builders likely just adjust it until it works for their use case instead of submitting a bug report, since it’s a simple change to get the desired behaviour compared to spending time submitting a report.

Maybe using an in-editor notification and/or email to apps that use that feature would help mitigate issues? Just trying to think of ways where there can be less ‘breaking change’ releases yet still notify the relevant app owners when a possibly breaking change occurs - mostly thinking to protect myself /my apps in the future :sweat_smile:

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