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Element not visible on live app

Hey all,

So I’ve got a Repeating group which has FAQs.

For some reason, on the live mode, the Repeating group for the FAQ is not visible.

However, when I’m on the development version the repeating group is showing

Would anyone know why this is happening?


Hi there, @alasadi.m1738… I’m guessing the issue is related to there being data in the development database for the related data type, but there is no data in the live version for that data type.

The development and live versions of the database are separate, so you will have to copy the data from development to live in order for the data to show up in the live app. To copy data, go to the Data >> App data tab, and use the red Copy and restore database link. It probably goes without saying, but be super careful when copying data from development to live because you are overwriting the live database with whatever is in development.

Hope this helps.


Exactly that! I realised a few minutes after posting this - but sorted it out now.


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