Content in RG doesnt show in preview

The static and dynamic content (text, groups, images) in RG doesn´t show. I am in the dev version and using the preview.
I have checked the following settings:

-Visible on page load - yes
-No Conditions in the conditional tab - yes
-In the element tree every element mentioned above is listed inside the RG - yes
-Curiosly when I click on the RG with the Debugger, the property visibility shows no
-Also when I search for the elements in the debugger, only the site und the RG are listed

Does anybody have the same problem at the moment and / or know a solution?

Hi there, @webdev… the first question that comes to mind is does your repeating group have a data source? You can put as many elements as you want inside of a repeating group, but if the repeating group doesn’t have a data source (which is as Bubble 101 as it gets), it’s not going to show anything.


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Hi and thank you for your reply, I have checked with the original RG where the problem first ocurred. Type of content and Data source were both selected:

Beside the point, as far as I remember you should be able to put in static content like say an icon into the repeating group and it should show, or am I wrong here?

If the repeating group has a data source and is showing data, then static content such as an icon would also show up in each cell. If you have a repeating group that isn’t showing data, it usually means it doesn’t have a data source, there is no data to show, or privacy rules could be getting in the way.

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To understand it correctly, it isn´t possible to just put icons in the RG, because you cant select a data source for them. in other words: If you want to put anything into a RG, you have to select a data source?


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I thought I had answered that question already, but what Adam said.

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