Convert a reusable element back to a floating group

Hi all,
I’ve converted the default header, which is floating, to a reusable element, right-clicking on it and choosing “convert into a reusable element”.
Now I would like to convert it back to a floating element, which mean I could see these options in the inspector:
Problem is, there’s no way to convert it back to what it was originally. On the forum I’ve seen suggestions like embedding the reusable element in a floating group, which is ok, but it’s not how it was originally.

It looks like the default header is a sort of “reusable floating element” that cannot be recreated if accidentally deleted and its best approximation is creating a floating group containing the reusable element.

Hi @furnys :slight_smile: A reusable header group can be changed to a floating group by navigating to the reusable element, and selecting Floating Group from the “type of element” dropdown:

Then that will bring up these options:


Thanks a lot @fayewatson!

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