Reusable Element - Hide/Show not working

Hi! I am currently having a ton of problems after i chose to convert a group to a reusable element. The group has icons in it, that when clicked shows another element, and hides the element the icon was in.
The element that shows after, is inside of the reusable element. I copied it in from another page.
The problem is however, that the new element is not showing and the old just hides. How do i tackle this issue, and i would be happy to explain further, if this is too messy.

You would need to, because based on this explanation it sounds like some necessary details have been omitted because if every element you referenced were inside of the group you converted to a reusable element, there should be no issue, but I have a sinking feeling that the new element that doesn’t show is not part of the reusable element and is instead on the page.

Can i contact you on another platform?

You could schedule a training session with me via the Bubble coaching marketplace

Have you added this element to the newly created Reusable Element page?

Yes i have.

Could you share some screenshots for better understanding