Convert quintal to kg?

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I have two input box, In First I take input which is in quintal and in second input box I want to convert it in Kg. Which is “First Input box” / 100. I have tried everything, Maths.js plugin and all. I think I am doing something wrong, As I am new to this platform Kindly help me to solve this.


Hi there, @shinde.atul002… you don’t need a plugin for that… make sure the Content format of your inputs is set to Integer or Decimal, and then set the second input’s Initial content to First input box's value / 100.

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Hello Mic, Thank you for quick reply. I tried your solution but didn’t get any success. I have attached the screenshot’s with this reply. Kindly guide me were I am doing wrong.

You have the fields set to integer, so in that example, the result is 0. If you set the fields to decimal, you will see 0.1 for that example.

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It’s so embracing, Sorry. But Thank you so much you save my day. :wink:

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Ok one more thing can I use “()” brackets in bubble?
For example: Input1’Value+(Input2’Value)/100 something like this?
I was trying this but that “more…” thing is coming in the way. If you have time Kindly help me in this too.

Good question… and the answer is no… Bubble simply evaluates expressions from left to right. You could use a plugin to get more flexibility/functionality when it comes to mathematical expressions, but I still go the home-grown route. For example, you could use custom states to hold values that are part of more complex equations.

Ok…Thank you mike…

I mike can you help me in this?

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