Corrupted data file HELP! HELP!

I have a corrupted data file. I look at data in live version and I see enteries from Feb 20 creation date. I copy the live data over to the developer data and the most recent creation date is Feb 15. This is in App Data. Interesting the live data shows 815 entries the copy of the live now developer data shows 786 entries. Just to be sure I copied live to the developer again, same results 29 records not showing.

It gets more interesting if I export both data files to cvs I get the same number of records. The records that dont show in Developer App data are in the export file

Also In the live version the data for feb 20 does not show on the users screen. Data from Feb 15 or before does show on the user’s screen. Data looks correct, connection fields are there and correct.

I discovered this because the users called and said they have entered data and it disappeared.

Any ideas of what to do. this is medical data so pretty important stuff.

The file is a child of another file ( patients) so not sure I could delete the whole file and then reimport.

@chris48 Have you look the Server Logs? Check why this user data has been deleted, first.

Thanks for the reply Mark however Data has not been deleted it just does not show. all data is there in the exported CVS files it is there when you look at the live data file however when you look at dev data a copy of the live data file it does not show… developer data shows fewer records but the export file has the missing records…
missing records show in server log