Could I build this plugin with Bubble's Plugin API?

I have ideas for plugins, and I want to know if they’re possible to build with Bubble.

DOCKABLE CHAT: I want a button or window that is always visible in Bubble UX. The application’s user story is: “As a beginning Bubble user, I want a button or window always visible in Bubble’s interface. Clicking it opens a video conference interface where I can text or talk with a live expert, so the help I need is always one click away”.

My question is: Does Bubble API allow a way to attach a button to the Bubble toolbar, dock a window to the Bubble UX, or otherwise have something always visible to the user in Bubble’s editor?

(my fallback plan is to build this as a native Windows/MacOS app or Chrome browser extension, but I’d prefer it to be within Bubble for other features I’m planning)

I think thats not possible (using “official approach”, but you can create a chrome extension and put a button inside the bubble editor using javascript