Count For Products Approved From Products Submitted

Hey BCommunity

Can anyone help me to rectify the following.

1 Products are submitted and I have a count for them
2. Products needs approving and have a database field under Products > Product_Approved = YES / NO

How can i get it to do a count from the following seeing as YES / No is not directly a number, Can anyone help where I am going wrong?



I would typically do something like…“Do a Search for Products” where User = Parent Group’s User and Product_Approved = Yes. Then, after the “Do a Search for Products” in the expression composer, click the “More” button and select “Count”

Thanks @andrewgassen ill give that a whirl

Hey @andrewgassen

Tried this, but getting the response back as yes/no

In My Database Product has a field Product Approved Yes No


For Products Submitted it works it seems


For Products Approved I tried

image image


what do you think mate

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