Countdown for a promo page

I want to create a countdown for a promo page where the countdown will end on 22nd December, 2023. And start from the current time the user opens the page

Check it this plugin.

There are tons of other / similar plugins in the plugin marketplace. Feel free to browse there if you’re in need of a specific functionality.

EDIT: Don’t go too overboard with plugins. It’s always a great practice to keep your app as lightweight as possible. Plus, there are tons of plugins in the marketplace that offers something that you can do entirely on native bubble.

is a bit completed for me, it says start countdown action
but I can’t see it anywhere

What do you mean? You would need to install this plugin first.

I have done that, so please where will I find the start countdown action?

Here’s the plugin’s instructions:


You will find it in the Elements sidepane, and need to place it on your page. Then double-click the element for more info. Most plugins work in this manner.

When you’ve done this, you can go to the Workflows tab, and add an action for “page is loaded”, and find the action to start the countdown under “element actions”.


Good luck!

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