Courses or Books for building Multi Tenant SaaS

Hi guys

Complete noob here. I saw Bubble’s new responsive editor launch and that’s the first time I’ve ever logged in to Bubble.

I have 3 years of experience with Airtable, Glide and Adalo, so not completely new to nocode space. But I don’t know how much of it will be useful for Bubble.

I am asking for recommendations of books or courses for how to build full-fledged multi-tenant SaaS applications in bubble. Because that is what kind of apps I have mostly built on other platforms, so it’ll be fastest way for me to learn bubble.

I have seen quite a few courses on udemy and other coaches’ private websites, but don’t know which ones to follow. Books I haven’t really seen many - except Petter Amlie’s 2 books. Don’t know whether they focus only on multi-tenancy from the Table of Contents.

Also, what is the deal with responsive editor in terms of if I buy any old courses on udemy prior to the new responsive editor release (say any course released before June 2022), would they make sense to me or is the editor changed completely and the courses will not be helpful?

Thanks in advance.


@1_d4 , no need to pay for Bubble courses. On Youtube there are at least 2 pretty good starter courses:

Here a video about a possible SAAS setup in Bubble:

When you get to the point of creating the SAAS app, search the forum and ask questions, a lot of helpful people here.

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I am going to stick with recommending a hands-on approach. This because you are stating your willingness to review a lot of material in order to learn.

Airdev offers a free bootcamp with two options: self guided (pretty much … videos) and a traditional bootcamp.

Full disclosure: I do contract dev work for Airdev

Best of luck with your learning journey no matter what option you choose. We are all on the same boat as one does not ever stop learning! :smiley:

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Regarding my question about the responsive editor - sorry its completely noob, but is there any drastic change in the editor in the new release, that any older youtube tutorials would be showing a completely different layout (of old editor), and if I try to follow them in the new editor I’ll get confused or feel lost?

Also, any other books on bubble can be recommended?

Definitely, make sure to learn the new responsive editor, it is very different from the old one. The two courses on YouTube cover this new editor.

Nobody reads books anymore, TikTok is all that matters. But to be serieus, the only books I know of that pretty good are from Petter. They cover performance and security, you can find them here.

Hey @1_d4 ,

You could also search for the appropriate course on the Zeroqode LAB platform. There are both free and paid courses.

Maybe a ready app template of a Saas platform can help you? In this case, check from these pre-made templates