Create a list of the same thing

Let’s think i have a database called Photos, where every photo is a thing, then, in my app i have a form with a picture uploader (photo below), and when the user send the form i want to create a single thing for every repeating group cell, how could i do that?

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Hi @eduardolecate

Create a thing called Photo, add an image field to it.

Upon clicking the click here uploader and uploading a photo start a workflow that creates the photo thing and populates the image field.

The rg should be set to search for photos

Then set the image element withing the cell rg to show current cells photo image’s value

Good luck and have fun building your app :+1:

But, if in the multifile uploader i upload more than 1 photo, it will not work, because the photo will have 2 links

Just introductory suggestions. Further logic is always needed to achieve what one wants.

Best of luck with your app :+1: