Create a thing and simultaneously change a field in a data type?

Hi guys, I’m building a course hosting app. I have created a lesson-course relationship on the database.
Screenshot (7)

What I want is that when a teacher creates a lesson for a course, it should add the parent group’s course to the Lesson’s course data field and also make changes to the parent Group’s course’s list of lessons by adding the result of step 1. Any suggestion to make this work would be appreciated.

Hi there, @mubaraqishola23… what you described should be as simple as creating the lesson in the first step/action of the workflow (you can add the parent group’s course to the lesson’s Course field in this step), and then have a second step/action that adds the result of the first step (i.e., the newly-created lesson) to the parent group’s course’s list of lessons. Have you tried that already and it’s not working?