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Create a thing for each RG element

I have 2 data type called: emlpoyee(name, date of birth, etc…) and contract(Start; end ;Type of contract, employee ,etc…).
I want to create a new contract for each element of a employee RG that i have selected. i want to this in the front end and i don’t know how.
Could please help

Hi @chimeresompare, what if you created a new contract every time a new employee is created (or signs up)?

It could be ok but we need them for a certain period and then their contract finishes and some time after they can have another contract. it’s like temporary work.
The time they are not working i keep them as employee(inactive) and when there is job for them i can make a contract for them

Hi @romanmg
I think i found a kind of solution that could help.
I create a contract for the first item of a custom state list and remove this element and do the action every second so the first item is the second element of the list and so on using the count of the custom list to stop the loop.
here is the demo, i did