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Create data when User birthday is within 31 days

Hey y’all,

My app has a data piece that shows when a User’s birthday is coming up. Ideally, within 31 days. I’m triggering an API Workflow every week or so to check all users and create a thing if their birthday is approaching, while searching for existing data if the user has already had an item created.

I cannot seem to figure out my “Only when” conditional to ensure a “new thing” is only created for Users with a birthday approaching. Here’s an example of when I’ve been trying so far.

It’s not working, obviously. And I cannot find the right workflow to make it work. I need to adjust the year value in the conditional, as if the year remains their birth year, it will not work. Any ideas? Haven’t had any luck researching this issue, it seems most people need help with pulling data for repeating groups, and this is quite different.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

EDIT: I had issues converting year value and having the correct following actions, so I tried to format as mm/dd.

bump - can anyone help?

Your conditional is:
Does current date-time +31 days= user’s birthday, but you want to check the range between current date-time and current data time + 31 days contains user’s birthday

Just quick thought

There’ll be other ways for sure but one quick way based on what you’ve already done would be the following:

I’m a bit short on time so probably not the best solution or explanation but I hope these make sense. and more importantly, help get you unstuck.

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You absolute beauty. This solved it. Thank you so much!

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