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How to create a new page whenever a user enters data?

So let say that you use my app. So there is an input text editor which you use to write about something. Once you are done writing that and hit the save button your data (that you just wrote) will be saved in the database and on the same time a separate page will be created where your data will be displayed.

Just like a blog post. Whenever you write a new post a separate page is created where your data is stored.
For example **Feature Seed this app was created using bubble. Over here users enter data through a rich input text editor and then a new page is created where that data can be seen.

In this image you can see various seeds which are created by different users and when clicked these links will take you to a separate page where the data is shown

This is a single page where one the page which was created by the user and the data is displayed here, If you look at the highlighted text you can see that this is a separate page in the app.

Please Help

Hi there,

So first you need to do (or redo) the tutorial on “Sending Data to Pages”.

We won’t really be creating “new” pages but we will make it look as if we are.

The data that the user saves can be sent from one page to another, and on that page we set the page “Type of Content” to be that data type.

Under that setting (which is in the page element settings, so click on whole page) there is an option…

“Field for Readable URL”

Using this, you can set the page URL to have something more readable at the start … in your example above, this is taking the post heading and using it in the url (often called a pretty link or a slug) so that it is more readable.

Let us know how you get on.


So I just went over those topics and understood the concept. But I have one more question. In the tutorial we had created certain links which take the users to another page. So I was thinking can those linked be saved on the database. I mean once the user saves data can a link is created, will that link be accessed by the user after he logs out from my app?

Yes, the links are dynamic so once the “thing” (the row / entry in the database in other words) is is created, then you can go to the dynamic page by sending that same thing each time.

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Okay so in my app as of now I can store data and create dynamic links. But now how should I display the data on the new page.

This is my new page where the user will be redirected to after he saves the data through rich input text editor. Here content is a thing in my database. So now how should I display the data saved through rich input text editor.

I mean should I use a group container and if yes then how should I proceed further.I have reached this far.

The group is just a container, so on the page that you saved the data from, and you initiate the redirect, you send this record along with the page via a workflow navigation event. “Go To Page” and the “Data to send” would be the thing you created.

On the new Page, you set its type to the same as what you are sending, and then you can add elements to the page to show this data, you just need to make sure each element type is set to the correct source.

e.g. You might have a group on the page, you would set its source to the page. If you had a text element on the group, and the type of thing was Blog Entry, then the dynamic content maybe “Parent Groups Blog Entry content”.


Well this is my index page from where users would save data and below is the workflow of the same

The workflow works perfectly i.e. it saves data in the database and redirects to new page but on the new page I do not understand how to display the data that was earlier generated through rich input text editor. I have set its type to the type that I had created in the index page.

Here is the redirected page

Put the elements on the page e.g. text and on the Appearance tab of the element, use the insert Dynamic content where it says edit text to select the Page source thing and the appropriate field. As shown in the lessons videos.


Thanks. Its working


Its working great but there is a small problem. I tried inserting image using a link but when I was redirected to the display page the text was being displayed but I could not see the image.

@NigelG Can you help on this one. I can save the image in my database but the image won’t show up when I view it using rich text editor.The image is being put using a link from instagram and the link works fine.

Have a look at the page source and see where the image url is coming from…it might be malformed. Seeing as I don’t know what you did at the posting side, how am I supposed to know what you did at the display side!

Well the link was to my Instagram picture and the link works finw.

In the rich text editor the image displays properly.

This is how I insert Images. I take the link from Google in this case and the link is of the image only.

But when the user is redirected where the text is shown the image is not displayed.

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