My Data is Coming up Blank AFTER workflow


I’m using a plugin (uploadcare) to upload files to my app.

Uploadcare comes with a standard state which is UUID which I use to create a file link in my database.

Basically, after upload I send the list of UUIDs to the backend to process and save the file URLs to my database.

The problem, is the database is blank.

When I check the server logs, I can see that…

  1. The file version (“thing”) was created successfully
  2. The file link was added to the correct field on the thing

In other words… it worked perfectly.

But the database is blank on checking. (Which, I believe means it’s not a privacy issue)

Has anyone encountered this peculiar behavior?

Yeap I’ve been having issues with my workflows the last 36 hours, blank rows being created in DB, but it seems localised to a few people

Interesting, thanks for confirming it’s not just me. I submitted a bug report to bubble about the issue. The curious thing is that the other fields are filling correctly… It’s just the two fields associated with the data from the plugin that are coming up blank.

Hopefully someone gets back quickly, this is holding up application development.

The fix has been put in place now, so it should be working for you now. If not, it’s possible you have a different bug issue

Just a quick update - I submitted a bug report last week, still have not heard back from Bubble Support, still have the issue.

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