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Create notifications with different information/multiple events displayed

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a notification system that notifies the logged-in user of multiple events (i.e: 1. a different user has followed the logged-in user, 2. a different user (which the logged-in user follows) has created a group, 3. a different user has liked or commented on the logged-in users post, etc…)

To make it simple, the structure of the notification can remain similar for each scenario (e.g: “user’s username has followed you” and “user’s username liked your post”, etc…)

Does anyone have any solutions? I’m out of ideas to make it work.

Hi @keagan.hoffman
Check this out

  1. Create a notification data type that has fields : text, toUser, notificationType

  2. When a notification DB entry is created, you’d specify the notificationType (follow, groupCreated, etc)

  3. In the notification repeating group, you’d have all the different types of texts with conditionals (this text should display when notification type is X, this text should display when notification type is Y, etc)

Hope that helps. We have a tutorial for this at

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