How to make a notifications group like this?

How is it possible to make a notifications group or popup like this one?

Yes, that is possible.

hi @mrpsgamer8!,
in a very short description: you first need to create a notifications type dataset, that contains all the possible notification types like (order shipped, order received, etc… )and you can add an image to each type if you like.

Then you need a Notifications dataset that will contain all user notifications. When an event occurs to trigger a notification, create a Notifications thing with the relevant type, relate it to the current user and that is it. On the user dashboard, display RG of all current user’s notifications, order descending by created date.

Hope this helps!


Hello Hanan!

Thank you i’ll give it a go and see if i can do it. By the notification dataset do you mean the datatype? and will that be in the user’s data type?

Also, triggering a notification needs a custom workflow or not? i believe it should work on the free plan correct?


yes I mean notifications datatype. You need to add a list property of type notifications to users datatype for easier fetching.

Yes of course notifications of this kind work on the free plan, when an order is received for example, add a step to the workflow that updates the order to create a new notification.

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Thank you!

mind telling me what are the DataTypes. with any example.
and what are the necessary workflows.

i’ve done this but it doesnt work for a specific user. it logs all notifications into one.

maybe anyone can help please?

since no one replied, hope you can help fix my issue!

you just need to add a field to specify which user the notifications will go to.

so add a notifications field in the ‘User’ data type?

i have a data type called “Updates”. in that i have “Name” which will act as the heading and “text” which will act as the body of the notification/update.


hello @mrpsgamer8,

your repeating group datasource should be current user’s updates. Assuming you added updates as a property to users.

i added user field to updates and updates field to user

Issue Fixed by @mikeloc :+1:

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