Create two RG's of similar type but the data is not duplicated


I want to create two RG’s of same data type in the same page, but I want to make sure that the data is displayed in RG1 is not displayed in RG2. For example: If I want to display the name of friends of a person and have two RG’s display it in different sections of the page such that the name of one friend is not duplicated in the other RG.


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There are several ways to filter out certain entries from one RG compared to another, but it depends on how you want to separate the two.

Are there certain criteria that would specify why one entry should show up in one, and not the other?

Thanks for the response Petter.

I really don’t have any preference to that. They just should be unique. That is my only requirement. How can I attain that?


Well, you could specify the number of entries to be shown in each of the groups, and show the first 50% in the first group and the last 50% in the second?

How do I do that?

You could use an advanced filter on the second RG.

So filter, advanced, The First RG’s List of Values does not contain This Value.

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That would always return an empty list in #2 though, unless you limit the number of entries in the first RG with a filter or max count. Wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

Ohhh, I had assumed that the lists were different but with some duplicated.

Oh yeah, that could be what he meant. Maybe I misunderstood the question.


I really couldn’t understand either of you meant there. I will try giving an example:
I have friends (lets say name is 1:50)

In one RG there should be ( 10 random friends) and in another there should be another 10 which should be different from the first RG.



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Thanks a lot

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