Create user for someone with email and password without sending email with temporary password

Is there any way to add users (sign up) for someone with email and password by input fields without sending email with temporary password? i.e. Admin User be able to add user by form.

Sending email with temporary passwork force us to use plugin like sendgrid to provide this feature, I wouldn’t want that.

Sure :+1:


I’ve never tried it, but try doing the regular “Sign the user up” action via backend workflow. (Password, email, etc. as parameters)

You can do it from the front end, but right after it creates the user it will sign in as that user, so then you would need it to log them out and have the user manually login to their account again.

Wondering if backend workflow would avoid that

Or do some trickery where you make a magic login link for the admin account, sign up the user, then go to the magic login link to get them back in.

Not every app is like Twitter where the user handles their own credentials, Bubble needs to add more stuff like this.

In fact, that possibility is too normal in high code when admin user to be able to add others users in application, even though the password is temporary.

Yea the general idea is “how is the user gonna get the password then?” if someone else is making it for them.

If it’s via some form then the user could actually sign themselves up right there, but some yes/no on their User saying they are pending for verification so no one else knows their password

Then that being yes means they can login and access the app

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Did you try what I suggested?

in the past, admins added users in systems by input a default/temporary password and they need to change in the first login.

it works, but we need API email to send message. I don’t want that.

And where is this information in your first question?
The solution I provided work perfectly for what you asked.

So I didn’t understand your answer with that image, could you clarify?

I’d like to create user without need to send email with temporary password.

Bubble will not send any email for your user after you create his account using the provided solution.

“sign the user up for someone” and after that, “assign temporary password” need to send the credential by “send email” workflow.

He will need to click some “Forgot your password?” link in your page. Or you can send him, manually, an email with this link. But as I said, Bubble will not sent any “email with temporary password”.

Do you want to define that password by yourself?

I’d like to know if it is possible to set default password, and users change in the first login.

Not a default one.
But you can use the action “Assign a temp password to a user” to create his password.
You can retrieve the generated password in next steps of the workflow and do whatever you want with this…


This password, as it is temporary, will require the user to reset his password on their first access. Exactly how you want.

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Yeah, maybe it will be the best way for now.