How to create new account with email and password by admin?

There are 2 roles: admin and user.
Admins can add new user accounts with email, name, and password.
Users can only log in using the email and password created by the admin.

I’ve attempted to have the admin create an account for someone else, assign a temporary password to the user, and update the user’s credentials. However, I received an error message stating, “Sorry, the old password is not correct.

How can I solve this problem?

I believe Update the user's credential only updates the current user. So, technically, it is your old password that is requested in that box.

I am guessing you don’t want to get the temporary password created by the system and are trying to set a standard text as the temporary password. If this is the case, you can send them an email saying their temp password is whatever.

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Thank you for your response.

but is there anything else to create account with temporary password without sending email?

If you want to log the current user out and the new one in, then you can use the method you did :slight_smile:

No, Users can only log in using the email and password created by the admin.

Again, if you want to update their password, you have to login as this user and then update. Otherwise, you are probably stuck with temp password.

login can be emulated using workflow?

As far as I know, you log in or not. You cant emulate and login as two different users. Maybe more experienced bubblers might have something else. But with built-in bubble elements, it doesnt look possible.

Yeah… not possible. Not that I know…
Or at least not using vanilla Bubble…

You can create an account for someone else and set them a temporary password, which will need to be updated upon their first login.


You can have a pop up that will only be visible to admins to allow you to sign a user up. But after this process you will be logged as this new user (I assume, never tried). You can have one extra action to log you out, but you will have to login as an admin again :sweat_smile: