Creating a custom Reset Password page


My app has a B2B2C structure where Employers sign up, create a Company profile, and can then invite Employees by email to use the app.

Looking at the Bubble Doc, I can see that the normal way to do that is to create a form where the Employer inputs a list of employees, and use an API Workflow to create an account on behalf of each Employee. Then, each Employee receives an Password Reset email and proceeds to set their password that way.

My main issue is that I don’t want to mix the Employee “Sign up” and the general Passsword Reset page. Setting up a different Email flow was easy, I can retrieve the reset token and pass it on to a URL, which is a page with a custom Password Reset.

The problem is that a normal page can’t have a Password Reset action in its Workflow. So then I figured I could duplicate the pw_reset page and customize it. But… How can I determine for which user I’m setting a new password?

Does it make sense?

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Do you mind telling a bit more about this?

While your app structure is pretty a large one, all users regardless of type are identified as users, so a reset form should work for all.

If you don’t mind, please tell a bit more about this mix you’re trying to avoid. Cause if you don’t want certain users to be on certain pages, it’s a matter of conditionals and redirections.

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