Creating a note taking component and having notes displayed


I am having trouble rendering data from my users input.

I have a note-taking area that is a multi-line input field

When the user submits the button their input value becomes a note in my database.

I want the notes to appear in a repeating group but they do not appear with my current logic.

Is there a solution to this

Your data source for your repeating group should be, “Do a search for notes.” Your data source isn’t referencing all the notes, so it isn’t showing up.

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Just updated but no results

Also thanks for the speedy reply!

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Did you change the textbox to contain only the dynamic data of: Current Cell’s Note?

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Just did and got it to work!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Great! No worries! Happy to help :slight_smile:


Lastly, if I may ask. It is a bit more advanced but how do I connect notes to a video on my page.

Very similar to how YouTube connects comments to a video.

You simply create a new type called Notes and the type would be Notes and it would be a list inside of your videos data type.

Then when you reference it with your video, you would do for the data type: Video’s Notes

Would I do it at this step?

My data type is notes and the fields are

notes - text
Video - video

I have video as its own data type

Something like this?

For me to better understand, how are you referencing your video?

At the moment I am just pulling a random video url from my video url field

How are you grabbing the data of the video URL on your app? Is it from the current page? A group on the page?

I have a video player that gets dynamic data

Ah, my suggestion for you to do, “Do a search for Video:random item” in a group, then in the video player, do group’s video’s URL. Then this will let you do the following for your comments/notes.

In the repeating group, type = Notes, data source: Group’s video’s notes

:o you’re a genius

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Haha when you work with Bubble for a while you get the hang of it :slight_smile:

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Almost done!! Now what should be the workflow for my button?

When I preview my page no notes get rendered now. I must’ve broke a process

Create the note, then make changes to the video group, notes add result of 1st step