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Access and Display Content from Specific Cell in a Repeating Group


I have been reading through the forum and I have found many people who seem to be doing exactly what I am trying to do, yet I can’t seem to figure it out.

I have a Repeating Group, and each cell contains a different “note” my user “saves” to that RG (the notes are only displayed as excerpts, since it’s a long list of notes).

I made the note excerpt in each cell clickable, and what I want to achieve is when that cell content is clicked, the full note content from that specific cell is opened in a MultiLineInput to “update” that note.

The closest I’ve been able to get is to display the “firstitem” or “lastitem” of the list within that MultiLineInput. But I want to display the specific item I clicked. My initial content of the MultiLineInput reads: “ReapeatingGroup Saved Note’s Lists of Saved Notes:last item’s Note Entry”

Where it says “last item” is where I want to pick current cell but there is no such choice.

What am I doing wrong?

It appears that people solved this by using the “display data” button. But when I try, my dynamic content choices always end up red, and the only choice it gives me that is close is to display the “firstitem” or “lastitem” of the Repeating group, but not the specificitem the user actually clicks on. And that’s when I am just defining the datasource for the group so I can’t go any further.

Please help. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Have a group or a pop-up with the multiline input inside. Set the group type to Note (or whatever thing the RG is a list of). Set the initial content of the input to parent group’s Note’s text field.

Create this workflow:

When excerpt text is clicked > display data > element = group > data = current cell’s Note.

You can either auto-bind the input to the note’s text field to automatically update it or add a save button.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Hi Gaby!

Worked perfectly, Thank you for the prompt reply! I tested it the next day. I have not yet tried the auto-bind feature / updating the same cell, but as far displaying the dynamic cell content for the specific cell, it worked like a charm!

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