Creating a sub-record to be displayed in a repeating group whose parent record hasn't been saved

I have a form designed to create a record called “entry.” On this form, I want to have a repeating group that allows the user to create multiple sub-records called “composition” using a pop-up form.

The way it should work is you click ‘add’ and the pop-up lets you add a “composition” record that upon saving, should close the pop-up and display the new record in the repeating group.

I don’t think I have my “things” right in the groups/repeating groups, etc. I have the page whose type is “entry”, there are a few nested groups all with “entry” as well. The inner-most group is “composition” and the repeating group in it is also composition.

I’m struggling getting it all to work… my workflow makes the pop-up work, the record does get saved to the “composition” table, but the “entry” field isn’t getting populated.

Any advice is appreciated.

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