Repeating group - Data spread over different groups in repeating group

Hi All,

I have problems with the repeating group.

The user first needs to fill out different forms. Once the user fills in one form on a certain page, then he clicks on next and a new form will appear on a new page. Then the user fills in this form and click on next again to fill in another form on another page and then clicks on safe.

Every time when the user clicks on next. The data will be saved in the database. This is working properly.

Then I have created a page where the filled in data of the user will become visible. I am working on this page with the repeating group. But here it goes wrong in stead of showing all the data in one sub-group of the repeating group, Bubble is showing the data spread over other sub groups in the repeating group.

And this is not how it should work. Because all the data should be shown in one sub group and then repeating itself. I have tried everything. But can’t find the solution for this problem.

  1. Is the information for the forms all to be stored on the same data type? For example you request name, address, contact phone on the form and it is all saved as data fields for the data type of user.

  2. Are things you want to display in the R.G. of the same type? For example you want to display a list of all users.

If so, all you need to do is make a R.G. with datasource “do search for users”…in the R.G. cell put text elements to show the data and use dynamic data “current cell’s users name” “current cell’s users address” etc.

If however, you only want to display the information for the user that just filled in the form, so basically showing them a preview of their profile page, you shouldn’t use a repeating group at all and just have one group with the text elements to display the information.

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