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New user, recently have dove into bubble and am starting off with zeroqode’s Jobly template. I am working on creating an app for Home Inspections which will hopefully encompass all aspects for a home inspection business.

The Jobly template is great, it’s loaded with a lot of features that I’ve been looking for. However, I don’t know where to start or where to look to create an Inspection Form.

I am looking to create a form template that can be created upon each jobsite visit. Ideally the form will be prepopulated and categorized by room. Each house is different, so I will need flexibility to be able to add/delete rooms and inspection points per client. I envision the inspection form to be as simple as a list of items, with either check boxes or buttons with PASS FAIL N/A. I’d like to export these forms as either attachments to work orders or simply as seperate files in which I can send directly to the client from the app. Does anyone have any experience with something similar to this? Where do I start?

Has anyone used and implemented within their bubble app?


Your question is not a simple one, as it actually is asking how to use bubble.

Bubble is great at capturing data, storing it, manipulating it and deleting it. Basically what is referred to as CRUD applications, which is what you are asking about.

Buying a template is a good idea to get started, if you are going to use it out of the box, or for the purposes of taking it apart and trying understand what it is doing and how it works. Kind of like being a kid and taking apart a radio and putting it back together again.

If you are brand new to bubble, first place you start is on the bubble videos. Then look for the free tutorials on youtube. After that I’d decide if buying into a paid plan on a tutorial website is necessary. Another option for learning is buying a course and following along and building as the course teaches, so that you could learn all about how bubble works.

After that whenever you have a question, or can’t figure something out, going to the forum and searching using keywords to try and find threads discussing the issue. I’ve learned enormous amounts about how Bubble works by reading through hundreds of posts on dozens of threads, as well as referencing video tutorials and requesting help on the forum for specific issues.

In short, yes, bubble can do what you want it to. How do you build the app? There is a lot to it and some people have shorter learning curve than others. Either way, if you are attempting to build the app on your own using the purchased template, you should expect at least a month if you are somewhat experienced with programming, but maybe closer to three months without coding experience to really know how to fully use bubble and all it’s powerful tools.

I personally had taken about 14 months before I felt fully confident that I could build anything I wanted and be able to build a complete app, such as a job listing site, in less than one month. The amount of time I spent learning over those 14 months was considerable, but well worth it. Now I am using bubble not to create an “MVP” but to create an actual software product that I see no reason to need a “rebuild” in actual computer code.

If your goal is just a simple one page app for filing in a form like you are mentioning, you should be able to learn how to put it together in less than a month if you spend the time to look for the free resources available teaching you everything you need to know.

The most useful free resources I use include:

You can find threads on the forum listing more free resources

Good luck with your journey on Bubble and don’t give up as it might get tough sometimes.

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Thank you for the reply! I will dive in deeper to bubble to continue my journey.

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