Creating and deleting database rows between two dates

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Bubble and trying to figure some things out! I am trying to create a finance app with monthly spend predictions in various categories. To do that, I have created a data type called categories and a few other data types to store the monthly spends for each one (e.g. Cash1).

I have successfully created a form for the user to populate their Categories table and am now trying to allow the user to set a start and end date for their model. I have a page with a start date and end date and an update button. I am trying to create a workflow that will create one row per month between these dates in the cash1 table, and delete any rows outside of this date range.

Any advice on doing this, or even just solving the search error below?

The data of Category is the datatype of Category, but your expression is trying to match it to a Text…by the way, you should also show the data structure for Cash1 as that is the data type you have the error of