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How to have unique DBs for each user?

Hi there, I am evaluating Bubble for the replacement of an old Flash-based app I wrote 10 years ago. I’m trying to understand its database situation and whether or not Bubble will work with what I need to do. I’m currently connecting with a mySQL database.

I have 250 clients. These clients are photographers/videographers. In its most simple form, each client has a unique login credential. When they log in, they keep track of the personal details of each person they ever photographed… basic stuff like Name, Address, Birthdate, etc. They’ll create new records, update, delete, etc.

If I started building this in Bubble, I would need to make sure that these clients’ user credentials are already in place, and when they log in they can only see their own personal records. In mySQL I have a database for each client, and each database has about 10 tables. They are all the same in structure, but each client accesses their own personal database to manage their information.

How should I link this information into Bubble? Build it brand new in Bubble and manually import all of the records? Or is Firebase a better solution in order to get that real time data updating across all platforms. If so, how do I create 250 unique databases that are all identical yet when a client logs in with their credentials they are directed to THEIR own personal DB?

I’m just trying to get some advice on how to start something as I describe. I would love to talk to an Bubble sales/tech person if need be. If I can get a grip on the best approach I would to begin working on this.


Hi Dan, this should be easy enough to do in Bubble and there are a couple of different ways you could approach the DB design. Firstly, for what you described, you won’t need to create ‘separate databases’ for each client. What you’ll need to do is leverage the privacy rules to ensure each logged in user (client) can only see their own records.

Have a bit of a play around, do a few of the tutorials and explore creating and linking different tables and I’m sure you’ll be up and running in no time. If you have further questions though I’m sure the forum users will be happy to help you out.



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Hi Dan,

For creating the database for your clients in Bubble you automatically have a data type called User in Bubble and the name, address, birthdate, etc. will be fields added to the user type.

Bubble is designed for applications that deal with user generated data so creating new, editing and deleting records will certainly be possible for your clients.

Here is a video showing you how to import data into Bubble

My number is +12532194010. How about we schedule a time to talk?




I have a similar problem. I want to direct my software to companies and during registration an administrator account should be created: This administrator should then be able to create employees. In the software only the data of the respective administrator and associated employees should be visible. Is this possible?

This is possible for sure. With appropriate privacy rules, nobody else will ever have access