CSV Upload when Headers Don't Match (Flatfile)

Hi Bubblers,

I need some help figuring out how to allow users to upload a CSV file where the file headers may not match the headers in the Data Type. I’ve explored many options to no avail. I’m not very familiar with APIs and coding so this has been very challenging. Any help is more than appreciated!

I’ve tried using Parabola to allow the user to upload a CSV file via the file uploader element and save it as a new data type with the S3 URL as a field. I then can access that data in Parabola. I’m not sure how I can get the raw data to manipulate in Parabola. It’s just coming in as the URL with .csv (I also tried with Box, but can no longer connect Bubble to Box)

I’ve also considered using Flatfile.io. From my understanding that allows users to map their own headers to match the Bubble database headers? I think this will probably be the best scenario for what I am needing, but have no idea how to go about setting it up. I’ve read the other thread about pasting the snippet into the HTML head of the page. But I don’t know how to customize the snippet or trigger the flatfile wizard. I know it will be triggered via a script with the Toolbox plugin.

If you are able to help me, that will be much appreciated! I am willing to offer this as a freelance opportunity to help me get this set up. Thank you in advance!

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