Current User/ Bubble Cookie expiry

I have read that the Bubble-Cookie or current user expires after 3 days right?
That is at least the information from an old page in the forum
Additionally I assume it because after setting up a test-page (in the version-test only) showing me the the creation date of the current user, my result was that my user was created yesterday.
Meaning that before that I must have had a different uniqueID, even though I visited the page every day and did not delete my cookies in between.

Is there a way to extend the expiry date of the cookie?

Because I would like to let the current user remember what his last actions were (saved as a List of objects) and what his foregoing actions were - even when the time gap was longer than 3 days.

The 3 day expiration of the cookie is only for when users are not signed in. When they are though, you can save anything forever pretty much.