"Current User Thing - deleted" is not an Issue

I have changed my DB structure and removed fields (First Name, Last Name, … ) to another (Person) Data Type. Bubble shows me “Current User First Name - deleted” but does not flag this as an Issue which makes it time consuming to find each error.

  1. Why aren’t they Issues?
  2. Is there another quick way of finding them?

idk if that will solve your issue, but you can try to delete deleted fields forevermore:


I suppose after it you’ll get errors for elements/wfs that are using deleted fields (that’s my guess, can’t test it right now)

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If you create a save point, then restore to that save point, then issues like this should get flagged.

Sorry @NigelG this didn’t work.

:thinking: there was definitely a trick to get deleted things to show as errors.

Will have a search


Optimize > Clean > select offending fields works!

All the offending “… Person - deleted” uses are now flagged as Issues. Many thanks.

@NigelG ^^^ This ^^^


Is there a way to save the results in like a log file?

@donalcurtin Welcome to the Bubble Forum.

After the Optimise > Clean > Field Select, the results are flagged “Issues” and I was thus able to work through them one by one and fix them. This is what I needed.

I don’t believe they are saved in the Bubble Settings > Logs and AFAIK you can’t save Issues to a file.

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