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Help deleting old things with new save

I am need of help. I am new t Bubble and am having a had time catching on. I am making a social media app and when i save a profile to the cloud and try to bring it back up on their profile page, any previous account data comes back up. This picture will better explain.

As you can see everything pops up. Is there someway do get it to delete after i save it? There must. Any help is appreciated!

It looks like you have say a type your name here field and then you have tried to change your name and then this happens? is that right? the answer to that is if its something you want to be able to edit or change later either set the input field to be auto binding or instead of a create new thing workflow use modify and check the box that says create if it isnt already.

Thanks for you response. Unfortunately it’s not actually when they reset their name rather when a new account is created.

Can you share a link to your app? it’s always easier to get help from Bubblers if you show the actual situation.

Sure the link is

Hey @ismith5726, open up your editor and copy the URL from there. Make sure your app is set to Public, too, so that we can check it out. You can do this by going to Settings > General within the app’s editor as well.

Oh ok. Here it is

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