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Make Custom Date Format dynamic

It would be useful to have the “Custom Format” a dynamic field, so that it’s possible to save a setting in the database. It can be done with Conditions of course, I just think this would make it more practical :slight_smile: this way, an app user can customize it too.




Would be very very useful for the date/time picker (so, also making the time format dynamic).

Currently the only way around it is t show/hide different inputs for all the different date/time format combinations users might want, but it makes the logic and maintenance of the app a real mess.



We are based Australia and use dd/mm/yyyy, however we want our app to be able to scale globally so also need mm/dd/yyyy date format. Ideally we want any customised date format to be configurable by the user, so dynamic input is required for the Custom format input in the editor…


@eve Can Bubble please change the above to be Dynamic input?

Totally agree. Not everyone uses the same format and a custom one would make the platform more suitable for all the users.

Is there any answer to this issue yet?