Error Setup Bubble with Custom Domain

I want to setup bubble with custom domain. Currently i set on as subdomain.
When i access the url, it not works. it only show like screenshot below :

But when i access with url it works .
How to fix this issue so i can access my bubble app just with

I also check in domain/email configuration menu on “check my setting” then i found this error message :

We found bad DNS records for Our infrastructure does not support IPV6 lookups: AAAA record 2606:4700:3037::6815:3207, AAAA record 2606:4700:3036::ac43:c6b3 These records are pointing at a Cloudflare account that does not belong to Bubble: A record, A record It can take up to 24 hours for domain records to propagate across the internet, so if you think it is set up correctly, please try again in a bit. If you are using HTTPS for this site, the validation can take 24-36 hours to complete. If the domain is deleted before the validation completes, it can cause further delays.

Anyone have experience with same issue ?

You need to hit Publish so that you can see the live version :slight_smile:

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Hi Olver,

Thank you for reply. I just found the publish button :grin: .
Then i found another problem, api connector that request to external platform not working. I have request to open ai and mailerlite, both of them not working.

i have checked on log that request api working properly but data that i request not displayed properly on live mode, despite it still working on test mode

Any idea what the issue and how to solve the problem ?


check your api connector config and ensure you’re not using /version-test urls and ensure your keys arent just in the test version.

Also ensure the other side is expecting to be using the production url etc for webhooks.

Use logs to troubleshoot error messages

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Hi Oliver,

i have checked on api connector config and didn;t find any url mention /version-test url
I checked on Setting \ API , the root api url also have been on live person after i switch to live.

What i missing ?


Check the logs for errors, what is the error message?

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I checked on error log and no error founded.

The one error is on domain configuration inside menu Setting \ Domain / Email
When i push "check my setting button "

Currently i use cloudflare to setup DNS and ssl for the domain, i don’t know is it possibly make the problem ?

Nah thats a pretty common warning.

Okay so, if your logs show no errors:

A, how can you be sure something is wrong?
B, what process is the api supposed to be doing? what triggers it etc?

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Hi Oliver,

A : I notice something wrong because the data not appear on the page .
B. the api process should be do is request to open ai to create kind of SEO title, meta title and meta description. the trigger is button when user click button it should be save to database and display on the repeating group. but the data not show.

So the flow of when user click button to generate kind of seo title, meta title and desc is :

  • request to open ai with API connector
  • insert result of request to database
  • navigate to page : index (same page) with bring key as parameter in url. key get from database

after user redirect to index (basicly same page) with key as parameter, repeating group read the data from database . repeating group search data based on key parameter on url

Current status :

  • i checked on database the request basically working because there is new row when i click generate button.
  • redirect to index with key also working, after click button page redirect to page with key from database

the problem is the data on repeating group not appear

Okay cool, get it to the phase where there should be data in the RG, In debug mode, and inspect the RG and see what the data source its pulling is, that should show you whats going on :slight_smile:

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Hi Oliver, thank you very much for your help. It solved now. After i checked my repeating group. I realized that the problem is i input prompt in database. the live version of database is blank and i just know that bubble have different version between development and live version database. after i input prompt on my live version database like on development, it works.

Thank you

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Awesome, glad to hear it’s working now!

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