Custom hotkey/button text editor

Can I build my own hotkey/button text editor using multiline text input with conditional controls? I’m not a Bubbler, so I may not understand everything you are saying.
For example, (this is for comic book script writing)
When someone presses the “Panel” above, the word PANEL will appear and the number of the panel (Panel 1, Panel 2, etc.).

I think you will be able to do it if you use the box for multiline input that says allow auto binding on parent elements thing. That means you will have to have something in your database this is saving to like a text field on a data type. Then add a custom state that can be on the input itself and call it panelNumber that is a type of number and a default value of zero. Then if you add a workflow to when the Button Panel is clicked, add an action that sets the state of panelNumber to equal it’s current Value + 1. The next action should make a change to parent group’s text field and it makes it equal "This Thing’s text:append " Panel ":append Input’s panelNumber. This will automatically cause the multiline input to display what was already there plus the word panel with a different number each time. I have not tested but in most coding languages if you add “\n” that will cause the text proceeding to be on the next line as if you hit the enter/return key on your keyboard.

Bro! I’m trying it now. Thanks for letting me know.

I was actually trying it too and that method is not working. I’m gonna spend a few minutes trying to figure it out but let me know if you get it to work before I do.

Ok thanks. Will do!

Here is the example I came up with…not too familiar with comic lingo:

Here is the editor:

Thanks checking it out now

I think the only downfall with this setup and how basic it is, is that you cannot edit any already created panels. to fix that just make Panel a data type that has a text field and then you will be able to edit parent group’s panel.

Ok I believe I can adjust it from there. Thanks, I appreciate your help.

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