Custom Input Fields Not Mapping to New User Record


I’m encountering difficulty with respect to mapping custom field input values to new users.
I deactivated privacy settings for testing purposes, double checked that I’m referencing the correct fields in the workflow and I’m still only receiving the email value.

Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer.


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Based purely on your screenshots, that should work just fine…

So there’s obviously something else going on.

Use the debugger to check what’s actually happening. (share some screenshots if you’re not sure how to interoperate it).

Hi @topjaba - I agree with @adamhholmes , everything should work fine based on the workflows.

Maybe a long shot but I see that you have 2 different “Button Signup” workflows. Make sure the workflow in your last screenshot is actually the one for the button in your popup, and that there is no conflict between both buttons

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Hi @topjaba, I see that your signup actions are in the ‘Popup_Signup’ is clicked workflow and there is another workflow named ‘Button_Sign Up’ is clicked, make sure that you are performing the actions in the correct workflow and not the wrong one.

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Problem resolved!
Bubble Rookie Move: I didn’t give separate field names for email address on my sign up and login - they were both ‘email’. Once I renamed them and tested it worked as expected.

Big thanks to the community!

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Really appreciate the help. TY!

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