Sign Up Custom Field not Pulling from Database

I’ve added a Custom Field called “Name” on the Sign up/Login Popup. When a user signs up they must include their name along with email and password.

This function works as I can see the name of users in the database.

However, I cannot pull the name from the database of the current user.

For example: In the workflow, I create a new thing and added “Set another field”
Person Name = Current User’s Name

I would assume that “Person Name” would result to the current user’s name that is signed in. But, it’s not showing or placing the name in the “new thing” database.

Any help? Thank you.

It might be that the current user that is signed in is not the same user that created the data entries that have the name field filled out

Thanks for the response, but I’m testing the application and inputting the data entries as the same user.

Obviously I can’t see what your set up is to help diagnose your issue. If you are sure you are doing things correctly, you should file a bug report because it should work.