Custom Multi-Select Dropdown with Repeating Group

Hi Team,

I’m trying to create a custom multiselect dropdown with a repeating group, etc. etc. The main reason for this is that I need dual-level optgroups

Looks like this at the moment:

Everything works as expected, but I have an issue working out how to keep the dropdown open if you want to select multiple items.

On desktop, conditional visibility states of the dropdown using either the input box focused or the dropdown hovered achieve the desired result, but this will not work on mobile (given there’s no hover state).

Has anyone done similar before and figured what the trick is?

Of course if anyone knows how to get dual-level optgroups in a multiselect, I can happily go that road instead

Why don’t you put your RG inside a GroupFocus? Did you already tried?

I was going to try this, but my understanding of group-focus is that it automatically hides once clicked, so didn’t even test this.

However, doing a quick test, this looks like it’s not the case and might still stay open on multiple clicks

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