Custom Native App Wrapper for IOS and Android

Hello Everyone,

We’re looking for an organization or freelancer that can help us to build custom native app wrappers for our iOS and Android apps at PowrLine (

Features we need:

  • Push Notifications
  • Access to Contacts
  • Native transitions between pages
  • Control of the iOS and Android call UI for VOIP calls while the app is closed

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello @aj11

I’m not sure ‘native transitions between pages’ is possible with any wrappers. You can build your entire application with Jasonelle and using Bubble as a database & API. Native transition isn’t the same speed as Bubble page to page, unless you find acceptable a 2 - 3 seconds delay between pages. For Push and Contacts, it is available under Jasonelle.

When I looked your website, you seem to have already a working app.

" Control of the iOS and Android call UI for VOIP calls while the app is closed "
I haven’t the info how to setup this kind of behaviour. Let me know if you find out :sweat_smile:
at 10 min. to build FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:. It’s sound like a push notification is required to be pressed to open the desired app.

Great web site.

We are using BDK Native currently. It is great for most apps but does not include the VOIP functionality we need and they aren’t able to create a custom version for us. Their solution has all the above features plus much more with the exception of controlling the call UI.

Controlling the call UI for VOIP calls requires implementing this functionality into the wrapper:

It is possible with react using the callkeep library or native modules, but I’m not sure what support there is via Jasonelle. I will look into it.

Regardless, we’d like to find a developer who is familiar with Bubble app wrappers, but also knows enough Swift/Obj-C/Java to build add the call UI functionality. Ideally someone who would be interested in a long-term relationship and possibly equity to build an in-house wrapper for us and support it for the long-term.

Hey, @JohnMark,

Do you know how this can be achieved in the browser?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

BDK Native is using Jasonelle engine :wink: and it is a very good product. Everything and more can be made under Jasonelle :wink: If you are ready to invest money to build the engine, ask the question to the Jasonelle forum (telegram/jasonelle). “Camilo” is the reference ( @clsource ).

I will suggest to use a White Label VOIP engine or JS that already use voip code. I don’t have any in my mind right now.

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Hi @hacker

The only way to achieve the speed of ‘pages’ under the browser, is to put all your pages under one page. I’m not recommending that option if your app start to be complex. Once the cache is done under the browser, speed displaying different pages is very acceptable.

@JohnMark, thank you that is extremely helpful. That gives me a good starting point since I do like the BDK product quite a bit.

@hacker As to the “Native Transitions”, let me clarify. I’m referring to the slide-over animation that BDK Native has for navigating between pages. It’s nothing crazy and does not speed up the time that pages load, but I do like it for the few times that my native app switch pages (like between the login page and my main app). My main app is all a single page and hides and shows groups to achieve a native feeling speed of transition between areas of the app.

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