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[SOLVED] Signin / signup popup doesn't display in preview mode

I have created a page with a sign in /sign up template, but in preview mode the popup doesn’t display at all.

Can one of you please help med - I hope so :slight_smile: thanks!!

Create a workflow to show the popup. Add a button to your page and create the following workflow: “When button is clicked > Show (element action) Popup”

That’s my first guess at what’s going on, but if you want to share a link to help troubleshoot, go for it!

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Thanks for your quick response romanmg! I appreciate your suggestion, but it didn’t work. So if anyone else has an idea… I would be thankful.

I fixed it by deleting the page - made a new one with a new pop-up, that worked.

I have an additional question. Above the email-password and password confirmation inputs, I want to make it possible for the person who signs up to **** choose whether he signs up as a “business” or “private”****. Ive done that by inserting two checkboxes. Question: How do I make sure, that they cannot both be checked at the same time? I guess its something about conditions, I’ve tried - but couldn’t figure it out…

You want to use the radio button element for this. Similar to checkboxes in that user can make a selection but the choices function as a unit so that only one is accepted.

Glad you got the popup working!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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