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Custom state based on numeric range

I’m working on a job listing app and using the Canvas template. I have a search feature that lets users filter by job name, type, industry and salary range. I used custom states for the 1st three filter options, but i’m stuck on how to set up the custom state for a numeric range.

This is what I have so far - What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!!

1. Set up the inputs both the min and max are set up as “Integers”

2. Custom state is “salary range” and it’s a numeric range

3. This is how i Set the state in the workflow → not sure if it’s right

4. This is how i set up the RG to display the data

filter_template's salary range is your numerical range.
However, when you do filter_template's salary range is not empty, this results in a boolean value. This further formatted as a number results in a singular number (either 1 or 0).

I’d suggest using Salary is in filter_template's salary range
and leave it at that. The ‘ignore empty constraints’ will automatically take care of the case of empty value of the range.

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