Data created by non user shown to specific user

Hi all, really not sure how to word this so bear with me.

Users of my app can create a form that they can send to people that are not signed up to the app to fill out. Once filled out I want that data from the form to only be viewable by the user that created and sent the form.

How can i do this?

Without getting into the details of database architecture, page design, and workflow engineering, the heart of the standard solution to this use case is “security through obscurity”. Which is essentially true of all security mechanisms I guess!

The idea is that the URL to the form to be filled out IS the security token designating permission to fill out the form. Anyone who holds the random URL is allowed to fill out the form.

The way this is accomplished is by setting random slugs that are sufficiently long to be unreasonable to guess. You would set the slug for every instance of the form being filled out. So if a logged in user wants to send the form to multiple people you would generate a slug for each copy sent to each person.

I’ve glossed over a lot of details such as the structure of things to create, and the use of setting user thing fields on anonymous users. If you are proficient with Bubble you will be able to figure the rest out.

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