Data driven TreeView plugin

I am quite proud of this. It took two days of experimental learning with the plugin editor but I now have a tree-view component that displays related records of the same type. In properties you specify the AppType (table) the root record, and the children field and it does the rest. Pictures are below.

I have probably another week of spare-cycle time to finish adding all the settable properties and events, but the hard part is done!

I’ve wanted this for a decade in FIlemaker or Access, which both still can’t do it. Now Bubble can!



Is it available in the plugin tab?

It will be when Im done with it. A week or two at most.

Now supports custom images for folders and documents, and optional tri-state checkboxes.


Another update. You can now optionally enable the ability to reorder the tree using drag and drop. If you turn it on you can also optionally have it automatically change the icon by whether it has children or not. (Useful if you have children that are all potentially folders as well)

Images below are original tree, after dnd without icon change and after dnd with icon change.

move_item_1 move_item_2 move_item_3

Any update on this plugin as this would be really handy?

Yeah, its basically working. I have one thing I want to improve this weekend as well as put together a minimal sample app. (Ive been developing with it inside of my app but you dont want to have to dig through all of my app.)

Ill see about having it out next week.

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Did you release your plug-in?

Is it this one? Tree Explorer for Things and Files Plugin | Bubble

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Hi jkesselman2019,
Any update on this plugin? I have a use case that requires a tree view. kindly advise.

I am looking forward for your response.